Buff has an agreement with Joygame! 9.3.2015

Buff has an agreement with Joygame!


Having brought innovations to the game world, Buff is at Joygame soon. With a single membership, you access to various entertaining games and thanks to this feature, you will have fast access to the game without having any problem.


What is Buff?

While Buff provides direct access to all games with a single membership, it will make payment systems, support and forum systems easier to use.


You will be able to create your account with “Buff Login” and you will be able to make the log in easily.


Moreover, it is not only for the games of Joygame. You can use this membership in Joygame games or you can use it for all global BUFF games.


Do not worry about your current information! Buff system provides you to protect your valid information, too. Thus, you can continue to log in all games of Joygame with your current accounts.


Detailed information will be here soon!