The Long-Awaited Update for Hounds is Here 15.8.2019

Turkey's beloved online action game Hounds has received a big update, impatiently awaited by players. With this update, the mission awards have been improved substantially and new Aurora and Magatron weapons and armors as well as the Oriental Shaman Costume have been added which will bring about a brand new Hounds experience. An entirely new special mission, free daily lucky boxes and many other changes will be available for players with this update.


Netmarble Turkey launched a big update, long-awaited by the players, for Hounds, the first choice when it comes to Turkish action games. With this update, mission awards have been changed, new weapon and armor series Aurora and Megatron as well as the Oriental Shaman Costume have been added and the Hell Mission: A Greedy Giant have been introduced. In addition, there are many new features that will make Hounds even more exciting.

Amazing rewards for completing missions

The mission awards, which had remained unchanged for a long time, have been changed and there are now more powerful rewards for clearing missions. With this new system, which allows players to obtain the awards as they wish by playing the missions they wish, many new awards from Nanotube Boxes to Costumes to Skills to Weapon to Armor Boxes can be claimed by the players. Additionally, Operation Boxes have been added to Special Operations and the chance of Kingdom Weapon drop is still available.

Mission awards come in 5 different levels. These 5 levels are called respectively, from rarest to most common, Legendary, Epic, Unique, Rare and Common.  In addition , there is a chance to get Operation Boxes, Special Operation Boxes, Premium Operation Boxes, Ultimate Operation Boxes and Kingdom Weapon Crafting Recipes from Special Operations.

A new experience with Aurora, Megatron and Oriental Shaman

As is the case with each Hounds update, there are new and special weapons and armors called Aurora and Megatron in this update. Stats of weapons and armor which can be obtained from the Lucky Boxes, Packages and Ultimate Packages found in the Shop can be checked in Arkon.

Moreover, Oriental Shaman Costume comes in 4 different colors and brings a new kind of joy to the game. The Premium Skin Box which contains Premium Permanent Costume and Upgraded Dog Tag can be purchased from the Shop for 3,500 credits. A new mission called "Hell Mission: A Greedy Giant" is also added to the game.

A new, free Daily Lucky Box at the shop

A "Daily Lucky Box" which can be claimed from the shop every day is awaiting players. This box has a chance to contain one of the following: 10 H-Tokens, Standard or Co-op Damage Preventives, Random Option Change Items, Operation Boxes, 5T Standard or Co-op Random Weapon Boxes, 4T Standard or Co-op Random Armor Boxes, Rare Co-op Skill Boxes, Co-op Shiba or Black Cat First Aid Buddy (30 Days), or Perfect 180 AP Pouch (30 Days).

The new features of Hounds update do not end here:

  • The First Aid Buddies, Black Cat and Shiba can be purchased permanently for 3000 Credits.
  • Random option change cost, with %25 discount, has been reduced to 22,500 Gold from 30,000 Gold.
  • Various types of  dust required to craft Fairy Wing can be purchased at Fairy Dust tab from General Merchant Smith for 500,000 Gold.
  • The cost to craft Neo Fulleren Concentrate has been reduced to 30 H-Tokens from 100 H-Tokens.
  • The cost to craft Fulleren Concentrate has been reduced to 20 H-Tokens from 50 H-Tokens.
  • The cost to craft Enhanced Damage Preventives (Co-op and Standard) and Random Option Change Item has been increased to 10 H-Tokens from 5 H-Tokens
  • The cost to craft Modification and Magazine Expansion Boxes has been reduced to 10 L-Tokens from 50 L-Tokens.
  • The private room was moved to the beach along with summer theme and a suitable theme.
  • Monthly Event also got a new update, namely, the Ice Cream.
  • The contents of 5T Weapon and 4T Armor random boxes awarded at events have also been updated.
  • The monthly missions have been updated.


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