New Special Hero ‘Trude’ to Seven Knights 5.8.2019
seven knights icon trude en

Netmarble today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights has brought new special hero ‘Trude’ to game along with major system updates.


Trude is a hero from Celestial Guardians, and expected to show its various skills in battles. Also, Sebastian, a hero from Dark Magic Research Tower, faces the Remake Update, and now ready to join the battle with its changed skills.


With the update, Seven Knights shows new Raid system. Players can enjoy the new Raid to acquire Equipment, Jewels, and Accessories. Also, Extra Raid, which appears randomly during the Raid, offers more rewards to players. World Boss and Smart Mode contents has now removed.


There are even more updates to system contents. New Adventure Auto-Clear is now added and it is available 100 times a day for players. Also, players can upgrade their equipment up to Dragon Equipment.


Netmarble celebrates the update and bring out celebration events. There are multiple attendance events such as Special Jumping Check-in Board, Trude Celebration Check-in Board, and many more offering abundant rewards.


More details about the game can be found at the brand website (