Netmarble will publish your games worldwide 22.8.2019
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Netmarble EMEA launches the Netmarble Publishing programme to help every game developer around the world attain global success. This programme available to all developers, especially those developing Hyper-casual genre, aims to provide -through publishing, consultancy and marketing- a solid start for games shooting for global success.

Netmarble EMEA -which ranks among the top 5 biggest gaming companies in the world, and which have provided publishing for various games of many prestigious gaming studios- now launches the Netmarble Publishing programme in order to help Hyper-Casual game developers around the world achieve global success.

Netmarble calls out to developers: 'Bring your games and let us help you through publishing'

Netmarble Publishing programme will be available to each and every mobile game developer, team and studio. The program aims to provide a solid start on the road to international success for game developers, especially developers of casual and hyper-casual genre, by providing support in terms of both finance and consultancy. Financial assistance will be provided within the scope of the programme besides publishing services such as marketing, operations, QA, customer support and localization.

Mr. Barış Özistek, the Chairman of Netmarble EMEA, stated that they would be prioritizing hyper-casual genre regarding the selection of projects for the programme and said "Netmarble EMEA has provided assistance in many aspects to all Turkish game developers, from university students to professionals, through programmes and investments such as Gamer's Qube, Big Game with Abbas Güçlü, Kod Awards, Bambu Game Development Facilitation and Incubation Centre, StartersHub. Now, relying on its international experience of 20 years which made it one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, and with the global success it achieved thanks to mobile games such as Wolfteam, Paramanya, Lineage 2: Revolution, MARVEL Future Fight, Seven Knights, BTS WORLD it launches the Netmarble Publishing programme. Netmarble will strive with all its resources to ensure that the hyper-casual game developers, that are willing to expand internationally, reach to top, and that the games developed by such game studios and developers attain global success."

Great invitation for game developers

Netmarble Publishing programme, aiming to reach out to and all game developers around the world and support their projects, is planning to organize various events in this regard. For details on Netmarble Publishing programme and to apply with your mobile game project, you can visit