Netmarble brings new Hero ‘Orca’ Update to Seven Knights 2.9.2019
joygame mobile rpg game seven knigths orca update

Netmarble today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights has brought new hero ‘Orca’ to game along with other updates.


Orca is a hero in Pentagon group, and Mythical Awakening is available for this hero. Celebrating the new hero, players can acquire Pentagon token from special dungeon and adventure. With the tokens, players can get Pentagon heroes as well.


With the update, Seven Knights brings minor changes to Mercure’s Dark Magic Lab. Players can choose the rewards and receive the chosen reward after fulfilling the points so that the players can acquire the rewards much easier.


Netmarble celebrates the update and bring out celebration events. For 2 weeks, players can acquire abundant rewards such as three 6-star Raid Item Selector, 400 Keys, and a million golds just log-ging in the game.


More details about the game can be found at the brand website (