Netmarble brings 4th Anniversary Update with Kris’s Mythical Awakening 1.11.2019
seven knights 4 yil

Netmarble today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights celebrates its 4th Anniversary and brings new Mythical Awakening update for Kris along with many other changes.


Mythical Awakening is the highest level of awakening, and Mythical Awakened hero will get a new skill and outlook. Kris is now available for Mythical Awakening, and turns into a new leader of Seven Knights.


New hero ‘Freyja’ is newly added with the update as well. Freyja is a member and leader of Celestial Guardians, and she is armed with strong skills.


With the 4th anniversary update, the battles in Seven Knights turns into ability-centered instead of previous skill-centered battles. It also brings new Mythical Awakening system for items. The items, which reached the maximum level, are available for the Mythical Awakening.


Netmarble celebrates the 4th Anniversary and bring out celebration events. There are Attendance event along with many more rewards.


More details about the game can be found at the brand website (