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Learn More About Goley: What does it do in-game currencies? 

Reports: s of Mohamed Salah and Schürrle is moving to Dortmund = Rios transfer to Chelsea

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  • Added New Parts Called Wings, including Guardian Deity Wings and Reaper Wings
  • Updated Frost Cloak, the strongest pair to Frost Weapon and Armor. Highest level increased to 59
  • Netmarble runs Wing and Frost Cloak level up event with rich rewards
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  • Netmarble added Kyrielle of the Revolutionaries, featuring fascinating skills and action
  • Awakening Kyrielle guarantees 6★ Hero Selector
  • The players now can find Accessories at Summon Shop 
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New heroes and uniforms from Marvel’s mean streets join ever-expanding cast of playable characters.

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  • Zephyr Amor can penetrate enemies away
  • Highest character level has been lifted from 57 to 58
  • Netmarble runs various events offering popular items, including Zephyr Armor 
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Netmarble  Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company in Asia, today announced the first major update for mobile real-time PvP Star Wars™: Force Arena, which launched in 154 countries in January

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− Kyle is a reaper who use chains and features captivating action

− Netmarble is conducting an event giving away up to four special heroes in celebration of its 500th anniversary day

− Another special event will guarantee new hero Kyle

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The latest update also includes new uniforms, reward packs, alliance system upgrades, and more.

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  • Newly added Ranged Weapon features fascinating skills and powerful blows
  • Lunar Event Adventure Region with Eastern characters opened
  • Netmarble will be conducting 300th day anniversary event. 
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−    Netmarble will give way eight special heroes through log-in event

−    Li features more compelling specs

−    Changes in Boss Battle. 

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Highest character level has increased from 40 to 46. The characters now have more proportional body and mature appearance. Seven Knights had collaboration with Falcom, Japanese Gaming Company.


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