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MARVEL Future Fight welcoming six of the most popular mutant heroes known as The X-Men -- Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm, Beast, and Wolverine – and also their infamous enemy Magneto, the Master of Magnetism.

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  •  Remake versions of Sieg, Shane and Nia to demonstrate more powerful action
  •  Special hero Kyle added to Seven Knights puzzles
  •  To introduce a storage system and open new Exploration region
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  • Seven Knights to welcome extended storyline and changed battle as Dellons awakens and turns into Dark Knight
  • 12th domain opened
  • Netmarble to run event and offer rewards, marking the arrival of Awaken Dellons


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Content additions include three new characters, five new uniforms, an Alliance Conquest feature, World Boss Ultimate Mode and more..

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  • To add Blessed Gear Crafting System which boosts stat of gears
  • To open Matera Nightmare Mode and lift character level cap to 61
  • In celebration of it one-year anniversary, five Mythic gears will be guaranteed for all players who sign in 
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− Miho featuring powerful and captivating skills with her tiger

− New systems Limit Break and Exploration added

− Netmarble to give away new item Souls to all players on the day of update 

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Star Wars™: Force Arena featuring four new character cards, new features in Guild, Replays, and a newly balanced 2vs2 play

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− Awaken Shane and Seig featuring upgraded specs and looks

− Highest level lifted from 40 to 60 

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  • New Doomsday II Weapon features big boost to attack power and fatal blow
  • New Doomsday II Cloak added while character level was lifted to 60
  • Netmarble to conduct New Doomsday II Weapon and Cloak Level Up Event and reward in-game items 
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− 5 characters from STREET FIGHTER V has arrived to Seven Knights

− Netmarble runs event marking this collaboration, giving away STREET FIGHTER V heroes to those who log in 

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