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After logging in, you will see the lobby.

Back Button
a. This is a back button that will take you back to the channel selection. To learn more about
channels, click here.
Item Shop
a. This button takes you to the item shop. To learn more about the item shop, click here.
Quick Start (Team/Solo) & Create a Custom Room
a. This button allows you to search for a team or solo game about to begin. If there are no games
available, you can start your own.
b. Create a custom room allows you to create your own custom room for players to join.
Game Options
a. From here you can modify the game options and settings.
b. There is also a button to the help section.
Player Info
a. Player info shows your ranking as well as your current marble money status.
Lobby Filtering
a. Each section has different filtering options for different types of matches.
b. You can filter game rooms by room number, current capacity, and type.
Event, User Location, Friend Info
a. The event tab shows the current events happening in game.
b. User location shows the current whereabouts of your friends.
c. Friend information shows the list of your friends and options.
a. This is the global channel chat where you can chat with other players.
a. This button allows you to logout of the game.


After creating a room, you will see the following pop up:

To create a room simply:

1. Select the name of the room.

2. Select the password.

3. Select either a solo match/team match.

4. Select the maximum amount of players.

5. Select the Map.

Choose "OK" and the room will be created with
the options you've selected in your current channel.