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The main objective of the game is to be the richest player at the end of the game. You can accomplish this in two ways:
A) Having the most money and assets at the end of the time limit.
B) Bankrupting your opponents.
In addition, there are also special winning conditions that allow you to win in different ways:

A) Triple Victory – This occurs when a player owns 3 monopolies of a different color.
B) Line Victory – This occurs when a player owns all the cities on one side of the board.
C) Tourism Victory – This occurs when a player owns all 6 tourist properties (4 Islands, 2 Beaches)


Turn Selection: Select your position by choosing a fortune card. This will determine the order of your turn. Also, several spaces will be marked as "Festival Cities". These are special spaces that double the rent throughout the game.


Dice Rolling: Hit the "Roll" button to roll the dice. Your character will move the number of spaces as shown on the dice.

a. Getting "doubles" allows you to roll again. Beware, 3 doubles

will send you to the deserted island!

b. There are special items which allow you to control the

outcome of your roll. These "odd" and "even" buttons are

located to the left and right of the "Roll" button. If you have

this item, you may use it up to 3 times per game.

This comes in handy when you're in a tight spot.


Buying Property: As you advance across the board, you can buy real estate. If you have enough money, you can purchase the space and charge other players "rent" when they land on it.

a. As long as you have enough money you can purchase any

space even if it is owned by your opponent. However, there

are a few spaces that cannot be purchased:

i. Tourist property owned by another player.

ii. Property with a landmark on it.

iii. Action spaces

(i.e. Tax, Fortune, Las Vegas, Deserted Island)


Construction: After you have purchased a property, you will have a chance to immediately construct a building on that space.

a. Each construction costs money. Select the number of

buildings you would like to construct on the property card

when prompted. The more buildings you own on a property,

the higher the rent you can charge.

b. After constructing 4 buildings you can then construct a

landmark on the property. This final building cannot be stolen

and charges the most rent to opposing players that land on it.

c. You can only construct a certain number of buildings

depending on how many times you have landed on the space.

i. On the first turn you can only purchase a villa.

ii. On the second turn you can only purchase a building.

iii. On the third turn you can purchase all buildings

except the landmark.

iv. On the fourth turn you can purchase a landmark.


Collecting Rent: Rent can be obtained from opponents when they land on a property that you own. There are also multipliers that can increase the amount of rent:

a. If you own all 3 corresponding color properties

– 2x Multiplier in addition to the rent

b. If the property is one of the 3 pre-selected cities at the

beginning of the game – 2x Multiplier in addition to the rent

c. If the space is under the effects of the Dice World Cup or the

City Festival – You will get various multipliers in addition to the rent.


Takeover: After you pay rent when landing on an opponent’s property, you can use the "Takeover" feature. This allows you to purchase the property from your opponent for double the cost. This is a strategic feature that should be used wisely.


Paying Rent & Bankruptcy: If you are unable to afford the rent after landing on an opponent's space, you have 3 options:

a. You can sell off some of your properties. Each property can

be sold for a fraction of its value. Each property you select to

sell will adjust the total amount still owed. Once you have

a positive balance, you do not have to sell off anymore

properties. All of the selected properties will become free

unowned spaces and the buildings on these spaces will be


b. Direct Loan from your balance. You can only use this option

once per game. It will deduct the amount of rent owed from

your in-game balance and withdraw the rest from your

personal account balance.

c. You can declare bankruptcy and cut your losses. If you select

this option, you lose and cannot continue the game.


Winning a Game & Rewards: Once you have won the game, you will receive a reward based on which type of win and which channel you are in. The multiplier in each channel represents the extra money you will receive based on your end game summary.

a. Rookie Rewards: In addition 2nd place will get a (30%) cut of

the main pot in the rookie channel only.


Channel Rules Set: In addition there are also specific channel rules that allow a different gameplay experience based on skill.

a. First Lap Exemptions: The "O" listed game features will be

inactive during the first lap around the board. After the first

lap around the board, these features will activate.


Team Battle Rules: Play with your friends in a team battle. Team Battle rules are similar to solo gameplay rules. The major differences are the following:

a. The teams are divided into two versus two. One team is

represented with blue (light and dark), and the other team is

represented with red (light and dark)

b. When you land on a spot owned by your team, you can

help them construct buildings.

c. You can work together by combining your properties to win

by Triple Victory, Line Victory, and Tourism Victory.

d. The same game rules apply and extra winnings will be

determined by the most valuable player's performance.

In addition to general gameplay, there are special spots on the board that grant you different advantages as well as disadvantages.


Start: Each player starts on this space in the beginning of the game. Landing on this spot allows you to build an extra building on any owned property. Passing this space on the board allows you to collect money from your personal account balance to help you continue playing the game.


Las Vegas: This space allows you to play a mini game to increase your in game money. To play, place a bet and predict if the next flip of the coin will be heads or tails. You then have 2 options:

a. Take the winnings and stop the mini game.

b. Continue the mini game by wagering more money

(double down). You can win up to three rounds.


Deserted Island: Landing on this space or receiving a fortune card directing you here will end your turn and trap you for the next 3 turns. You have 3 escape options:

a. Roll doubles in order to escape immediately.

b. Pay a small fee in order to escape immediately.

c. Use a fortune card (if owned) to escape immediately.


Marble World Cup: Landing on this space allows you to place a "Marble World Cup" multiplier effect on any property you own. You pay a small fee for this effect. This effect can be stacked upon other multiplier effects.


Travel the World: This space allows you to travel to any spot on the board. If you pass "start", you can withdraw funds.


Tax: This space requires you to pay a fee for landing on it based on your total assets.


Fortune Cards: These cards allow you to perform special actions, depending on their description. There are two types of cards:

a. Silver Cards (Normal): These cards have positive and

negative effects.

b. Gold Cards (Special): These cards have positive effects and

are generally used to attack/defend against your opponents.

Marble Money: Your total account balance of Marble Money is displayed in the upper right corner of your info as well as in game. This money allows you to do several things:

1) Purchase character cards and different items in the item shop
2) Allow you to enter different channels and earn more money
3) Earn a class ranking and an icon

Channel Requirements: There are several channels that allow you to play with players that have similar Marble Money balances and skill.

1 Minimum and Maximum Entry Balances

These amounts represent the total minimum or maximum account balance you must have in order to enter the channel.

a. **Rookie channel allows newer players to have no maximum entry balance to enter.

However, you may only play in this channel for up to 30 games. After 30 games, you will

no longer be able to enter this channel.

2 Dealer Fee

This fee represents the amount of Marble money taken out of each player's game balance at the end of each game.

3 Wager per game

This amount represents the wager each player will put up in every game. The winner will take the pot minus any fees assessed in the end game summary.

4 Salary withdrawal

This is the amount of money you are granted from your personal account balance that is added to your in game balance when you pass start.