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Each character in Dice Venture has a personality. Who do you want to be?

Dennis This boy genius has an IQ of 200! He has unprecedented real estate knowledge at his young age. He has amassed a huge fortune buying valuable property around the world. Called immature and inexperienced by some, his assets outmatch what most can achieve in a lifetime.
Susie The daughter of a mathematician father and a card playing mother, this young girl made a name for herself after starting her own financial business. Not taken seriously by many, she is out to prove her young age doesn't mean she should be taken lightly..
Jennifer This teenage phenom is a walking mystery to most. Rumor says she can predict the future. Known for her ability to see the unknown, she has made her money in the consulting business. Everyone wants to figure out her secret, but she remains shrouded in mystery.

Carl Starting from a humble beginning delivering food, his family is now at the top of the restaurant industry. He seeks fulfillment by traveling and buying property around the world. Will his instincts guide him to the top of real estate chain?
Miranda Known as an international tennis champion, she has earned a substantial savings from her winnings and endorsements. She has a knack for understanding the competition and does whatever it takes to make it to the top. Can her persistence make her a successful real estate guru?
Steve His natural skill in bartending helped him make connections with high profile clientele. After a string of successes in casinos, he's earned a name for himself as a high roller. Known to have uncanny control over the dice, he is willing to risk it all for a shot at success.

Katrina An heiress of an international airport company, she has traveled the entire world. Visiting all of major cities around the globe, she is in touch with the trends of the real estate market. She never takes no as an answer and her ability to find amazing property deals are second to none.
Hernandez A retired baseball superstar has found his second calling in real estate. After claiming his spot in the baseball hall of fame he's ready for a new challenge. His powerful home runs have transferred into scores of success in the real estate business. He seeks new fame buying, selling, and trading property worldwide.


Each character card comes with stats boosters. These stars grant you better abilities and luck within the game. Combine character cards to earn higher stats. The stars you have will be represented in the upper right hand corner. The more stars you have, the stronger your card is.

1 Exit Isle: This affects your ability to roll doubles to escape the Deserted Island. The more stars you have, the more likely you will roll doubles and escape.

2 Vegas Luck: This affects your outcome in Las Vegas (Heads or Tails). The more stars you have, the more likely you will win in Vegas.

3 Lower Tax: This affects the tax rate you will pay after landing on the tax space. The more stars you have, the less tax you will have to pay.

4 Lower Costs: This affects the fees for escaping deserted island, landing on Travel the World, or hosting the Marble World Cup. The more stars you have, the lower the fees are for these special action spaces.

5 Fortune Luck: This affects the chance of receiving a gold fortune card (rare) rather than a silver fortune card (common) in game. The more stars you have, the higher chance you have of receiving a gold fortune card.

6 Low Sales Tax: This stat affects the tax rate on property sold. The more stars you have, the higher your discount will be when selling a property.

7 Cheap Build: This stat affects the cost of buildings. The more stars you have, the higher discount you will have on construction costs.

8 Dice Ctrl: This stat affects the dice gauge. The dice gauge allows you to control the outcome of your roll, to an extent. The higher the meter is when you release your dice roll, the higher the number will be. Vice versa, the lower the meter is when you release your dice roll, the lower the number will be. The more stars you have, the higher the probability you can control your roll.


Combining character cards allows you to raise the luck level of your character card. This grants you extra stars that will increase your character card's stats.

1 Select My Info from the Lobby.

2 Select "Card Combination".

3 Select two character cards.

4 Hit the combination button.

There are several outcomes when combining character cards. There is a chance that your combination will be successful and grant you a higher luck level card. There is also a chance that your card will remain the same luck level. The worst result is you may receive a character card with lower luck levels. Purchase more character cards for the card combination system in the store. Use this system to gain the ultimate advantage over your opponents