Mobile RPG Seven Knights to Update Awaken Dellons 22.5.2017
  • Seven Knights to welcome extended storyline and changed battle as Dellons awakens and turns into Dark Knight
  • 12th domain opened
  • Netmarble to run event and offer rewards, marking the arrival of Awaken Dellons

Netmarble Games today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights introduced Awaken Dellons with a massive update.

The latest update has brought the first awaken hero amongst special heroes Seven Knights. With his awakening, Dellons was converted into a Dark Knight, who is at feud with Seven Knights, and will bring an upheaval in in-game storyline and battle.

The players now can check out updated story of the heroes, who fell into chaos due to the appearance of a new Dark Knight, on the YouTube channel. Awaken Dellons is anticipated to bring new fun to the players who enjoy strategic gameplay.

With the update, the 12th domain of Seven Knights was also unbarred. The 12th domain filled with heated rocks, is dwelled by powerful monsters, as well as various pets which can provide extra helps to the players.

Marking the Awaken Dellons update, Netmarble is running a seven-day-long event offering various Box of Time rewards, such as 6-star hero or 6-star Power up Crystal. The players can find Box of Time in main lobby.

Besides, Netmarble rolled out costume items exclusive for Awaken Dellons and presents Dellons as the 50th hero earned from the Summon Shop. The players, who awaken Dellons in three weeks from the update, will receive 6-star Hero Selector.

Netmarble will also sell price-marked Seven Knights Hero Selector through special promotion.

A turn-based mobile RPG enjoying great popularity worldwide, Seven Knights offers the fun of collecting and fostering over 500 kinds of characters.

Seven Knights is now available free-to-download via Google Play and AppStore.

More details about the game can be found at the brand website (//