Mobil RPG EvilBane Updates New Armor 9.3.2017

Netmarble Games announced today that its blockbuster mobile action RPG EvilBane had an update, introducing Zephyr Armor and expanding levels, and will be running events marking this.


One of the new armor series to EvilBane, Zephyr Amor is the strongest match for recently added Ranged Weapon. A total of nine armors have been updated, one per each character and level. Zephyr Armor features powerful options which deflect the enemies’ attack, penetrate the enemies’ armor, promptly avoid attacks, and raise the amount of damage given to the enemy.


Meanwhile, the highest level for character has also been raised from 57 to 58. EvilBane will grant the achievement reward of 100 Heavenstones to those who get to level 58.


Netmarble marking this update runs a number of celebration events, giving away Zephyr Armor and Heavenstones, and providing Heroic – Mythic Magic Weapon to those who complete level three in Daily Raids.


Also, Netmarble will offer rare item Heroic Wing Ticket to those, who access the game more than twenty seven days from Feb. 28th, and the chances to take roulette, which guarantees rare items, when the players log in the game on a daily basis.


EvilBane is available free-to-download, with in game purchase options on the App Store and Google Play.


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More details about the game can be found at the official EvilBane website, along with its official Facebook page.