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Drakensang Online : Online Fantasy Browser Game

Choose your hero and protect humanity against spreading evil.

Drakensang Online :

  • Opportunity to play through browsers without downloading or uploading a file.
  • Experience amazing 3D visual effects and graphics.
  • Numerous adventures and a fantastic story universe.
  • Dozens of different battle fields, dungeons and trade centers.
  • Opportunity to develop a different character and class.

Choose one of the mage and warrior classes who have different features in the world of Drakensang Online, improve your skills and start to a breathtaking advanture with thousands of different players.

Welcome to a world of fantasy and mystery.

Here is the homeland of different races having different culture and history. The long-standing peace and order are about be broken with the awakening of an evil power.

Ehe evil ones who were imprisoned are waking up and getting ready to spread the eternal terror to the realm.

As the spreading bad news and darkness cover the peaceful lands, heroes summoned to battlefields, once again. Step into the astonishing world of Drakensang Online and enjoy this beatiful 3D web-based MMO now.

Drakensang Ücretsiz MMORPG

In Drakensang Online, you can be a Spellweaver, a Dragonknight or a Ranger, and set sail to adventures in various locations such as terrifying underworld dungeons, magnificent cities, magical forests and snowy mountains. Step into a world where tons of monsters and foes are waiting for you.

Deep customizable character enhancement system lets you create various battle tactics and combinations. Bot story-based and PVP-based modes with full of action are waiting for you in the fantasy MMORPG, Drakensang Online.