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Dark Orbit is calling you to become the biggest star of the space. But remember, you are not alone. While your opponents are discovering galaxies, you have to use your technology for your spacecraft. You can integrate advanced weapons and shields and become an invincible fighter. You can also buy new spacecrafts, shift through stellar systems and challenge the most powerful opponents in other galaxies.

Chasing in the galaxy with full of excitement, 3D space ships, space battles against real players... If you want to be a shining star among the planets, Dark Orbit invites you to the war in different universes in the depth of space.

Mars, Earth, Venus. Three major raw materials company. The purpose of all three is the same: Fighting in space and dominating all raw material resources. You must select a universe to survive. You need to choose carefully while playing Dark Orbit online space game because it can shape your destiny in the space.

In the vast universe, a new pilot is expected to come and join the space wars. Hop in your spacecraft, join the space battle. Uncharted mines, defenseless space ships, strong aliens and more surprises are waiting for you. If you love space games, start playing Dark orbit now!