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    Be The Ruler of Black Throne World!

    Black Throne is an online strategy game that sets in times without gunpowder. Welcome to the Medieval Age! Are you ready to fight till your last breath to be the Ultimate Emperor?Join a Medieval World where there is thousands of players!Get your land, conquer and expand to be the Ultimate Emperor! Create your own Royal Family, lead your troops and make diplomatic treaties with other royal families! The Realms of Black Throne offers you to join forces with other players, team play and fierce battles. Many will try to be the ruler of these lands, but only one will reach the honor of being immortal Will you be the one?

    Black Throne is Here!

    Netmarble’s highlt awaited Mobile and Web based  RPG game Black Throne with a World that has long swords and arrows.  Black Throne is available through all mobile platforms and web browsers. You can play from any platform you like to play and your game will synchronize through platforms.

    You can download Black Throne from Google Play Store or App Store, download now and start playing. You can play from any web browser if you want to and you won’t lose any data!

    Game Mods and Systems

    Thousands of players are waiting to be your ally or foe! Join and Show your power, form alliances to conquer lands! Use your royal family’s influence to gain more power and strengthen your army to attack other lands!